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BT is very well known for innovative and high-performance planetarium lighting and control packages that include LED cove lighting, LED vestibule lighting, theatrical lighting and control over any and all step lights, work lights and house lights. These packages are known as AstroFXAurora Basic and AstroFXAurora Advanced systems.

All Bowen Technovation 16-bit light systems feature super high resolution 16-bit dimming with our special "curve" that packs more of the bits at the low levels of lighting, where it counts most. Other manufacturers' 8-bit (and even some 16-bit) systems exhibit "steppy" and "jerky" dimming due to only executing 256 steps of dimming… our 16-bit systems fade perfectly smooth with over 65,000 specially-curved dimming steps and can provide control over each individual foot (30mm) segment per color allowing dramatic chases, wipes, sunrises, sunsets, etc.